History of workshops and events


26.09.18 Strengthen Your Resilience

18.09.18 Foster Your Team’s Motivation

20.07.18 Treasuring Workshop

12.07.18 Moving your way into Resilience and Resourcefulness

23.06.18 Communicating and presenting with impact

16.05.18 Sustainable Development Goals Symposium with Alan AtKisson, in collaboration with the Green Office, Rhetorica, NovUM and DOPE

03.05.18 You – Your 80.000 hours – Your Impact?

18.04.18 Building Outreach Through Social Media | Peer-to-peer workshop

20.03.18 Pitching Projects with Enhanced Social Impact

21.02.18 + 25.04.18 Strengthening your resilience

06.02.18 Constructive Communication and Teamwork