Our story

In Fall 2017, Sebastian, Anina and Sinan, all students in Maastricht, and all with a background of social engagement came to a joint realization: That Maastricht is full of beautiful student-driven initiatives that have a positive social impact on the city and its inhabitants. We define social impact as a systematic positive influence on the surrounding community. Social Impact is something many people and organizations can have: Be it your local football club, student representation, or the youth group of an international NGO.

What we also realized was: so much more could be achieved here in Maastricht with so little change! In our past engagements, we had experienced loss of knowledge through bad transitions, poor teamwork due to lack of communications or burned out team members as a result of too much work from both university and engagement. What could be done to change this and thereby realize the full potential of social impact here in Maastricht? No existent institution in Maastricht seemed to provide a satisfying answer to this question. This is why we founded ImpactLab, a public accelerator for social impact, supporting those who do good – helping them to do better and stay well.

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