Is it possible to reduce poverty, end world hunger and stop biodiversity loss, while at the same time dealing with a myriad of other pertinent issues, in the next 15 years?

According to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we can! Join our symposium on May 16th from 9:00-17:00 at the Akenzaal (UNS40), to deepen your knowledge of the SDGs and develop the skills to implement them (or any other social and environmental actions) in your personal life, at UM, or within the wider Maastricht community. Alan AtKisson, senior advisor and leader in sustainability transformations, will be giving the keynote and facilitating the afternoon’s workshop. You can see the full programme here and register via this link. Pressed for time? No problem! You can sign up for all of our events separately.

A keynote and workshop by Alan AtKisson

With nearly 30 years of international leadership and advisory experience, Alan AtKisson consults governments, leading companies, global NGOs, and the United Nations. We are gladly welcoming him now to share his expertise at Maastricht University (you can already watch his TEDxTalk here!). Alan’s keynote and workshop will be complemented a panel discussion with a variety of panelists, i.e. students, academics, and members from the public and private sectors, see the detailed program below for more details.

How can you make the SDGs yours?

The SDGs, which were formulated as part of the biggest and most participatory consultation in the history of the United Nations, serve as a framework through which we can address the complex issues we are faced with today. Through this widely agreed-upon framework, students, government, academics, businesses and other societal actors can collaborate to make the world a more sustainable place. Many governments, businesses, NGOs and universities have already started pledging their commitment to achieving these goals. How can we actually implement the SDGs in our everyday lives? Despite all the fanfare, many of us lack the knowledge and tools to answer these questions. This is what our “Make the SDGs Yours!” symposium aims to address!

What’s the program?

See the full program here! 


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Hosting organizations

This symposium has been created in collaboration with several student-led organizations and student representative parties, among which: the Green Office, ImpactLab, Rhetorica, NovUM and DOPE.