Social impact

ImpactLab’s aim is to improve the social impact that student initiatives have on their surrounding community. But what do we mean when we talk about social impact? Let’s break this down.

First of all, who has social impact? Usually, everyone who wants to improve society in some way can have some kind of positive social influence, be it by helping a stranger in need, by bringing together people for a common cause, or picking up trash on the street. All these things have a positive social influence, because they address pressing social issues like social stratification, intolerance and pollution. But picking up the trash once does not solve the problem of pollution in a satisfactory manner in our opinion.

However, there are organizations, initiatives, and individuals which strive to bring about systematic social improvement by addressing these social issues in a more organized way. Their aim is usually not just to provide piecemeal solutions, but to bring about what we label systematic social improvement. These are the organizations that we wish to support, because we believe that pressing social problems need to be addressed systematically and sustainably in order to have a real positive effect on society.  This is what we mean by social impact – to achieve a long lasting, and satisfactory solution to a pressing social problem.

Our workshops and events are addressed to members of social initiatives and seek to provide them with the skills that are needed to realize their full potential, both as an individual and as a team.

This way, we seek to improve the social impact these initiatives have on Maastricht and beyond.