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Talk night: Students’ impact in the Maastricht community

💡 How can YOU as a student connect with the Maastricht community – to create impact in the city at large? How can we bring students and locals closer together? On the night of December 4th, speakers from all sorts of projects will share their story to help you see possibilities!

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Location: Boschstraat 7, Maastricht
Time: 4.12.18 from 18:00-20:00

More information:
There have been different initiatives to bridge the gap, but there is a far greater potential of how to integrate the students better into the Maastricht community, also considering the language barrier. Do you wish to have more social impact outside the university but are you simply not unsure about how to start? Let’s discuss possibilities on how they can connect to the ‘real’ Maastricht community and, thus, create more impact in the city at large.

The event consists of 2 parts:
1. Speakers from different organizations and institutions will talk about how they have created social impact in the Maastricht community.

Match Maastricht – connects the students and the city by helping students to give a societal contribution. In this way students are challenged to put their professional skills and talents into practice.

Faculty Association Luna-tik – has been helped by Match to connect students with elderly. They founded a program called “creative volunteering” where they bring students to an elderly home to spend an afternoon together. How did they do this? Was language not a barrier?

Grenzeloos Maastricht – is a very interesting new initiative that aims to achieve more integration in Maastricht between the young refugees and locals.

CODE043 – aims for a city where students can feel right at home. They help initiatives and students to develop their projects!

2. Round table discussion where each group tries to brainstorm and develop an idea for a project that would connect the students to the locals.

→ The location is hosted by Kaleido. After the discussion night, their party Rock With Your Socks On w/ Nick F will kick off! Make sure to check it out!

→ This event is organized by ImpactLab. We are Maastricht University‘s student-driven accelerator for social impact, offering expert workshops, peer-to-peer trainings and other events to students who are socially engaged. In this way, we seek to enhance the social impact of students and organisations.